Prevention is always better than a cure! That’s why many of our patients and even patients from other practices visit one of our expert hygienists approximately every 3 months.

Pre & Post Implant Hygiene Treatment

It is vital that your gums are healthy before starting dental implant treatment. We recommend seeing a hygienist before, during and after you’ve had an implant to maintain a healthy mouth which will promote healing and prevent infections.

All Implants need regular maintenance and cleaning this will either be on a 3 or a 6 month basis at Ballybot. Excellent self-care is essential and we will provide you with a tailor made oral hygiene routine for you to follow at home.

Pre,During &Post-Orthodontic Hygienist Treatments

It is important to ensure excellent levels of oral hygiene prior to braces so that you can maintain this well throughout your orthodontic treatment. We recommend regular appointments to ensure you are cleaning effectively around the braces to avoid any problems with decay or gum disease once the braces are removed.

Periodontal Hygiene Treatment

We offer a range of specialised hygienist treatments we will advise and recommend the right treatment depending on your needs, for instance we offer periodontal hygiene treatment and maintenance for our patients affected by gum disease, or those who have had advanced dental treatment.

And why don’t you ask our hygienists about the professional tooth whitening systems available at the practice to add to that sparkle!

Our hygiene services are available to patients and no patients alike! You don’t need to change your dentist or become a registered patient of Ballybot to avail of the service.

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