dental services price list northern ireland

We accept payment at the surgery in sterling cash, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro/Switch, UK cheque or sterling banker’s draft.

Your treatment plan will outline the charges for each element of your course of treatment and payment is expected at each stage. Occasionally your treatment plan may be revised during the course of treatment and if this happens, you will be given an explanation from your dentist and a revised plan outlining the changes.


 New patient adult assessment £ 35.00stg
 New patient child assessment (under 16)  £ 25.00stg
 Implant assessment  £ 75.00stg
 Orthodontic assessment  £ 50.00stg – £ 150.00stg
 Routine adult check-up  £ 25.00stg
 Routine child check-up  £ 15.00stg
 Standard X-rays (each)  £ 5.00stg
 Full-mouth X-ray  £ 35.00stg
 Study Models £ 15.00stg

Root Canal Treatments


 Incisor tooth  £ 205.00stg
 Canine tooth  £ 205.00stg
 Premolar  £ 205.00stg
 Molar  £ 325.00stg
 Additional Canal  £ 60.00stg
 Re-root treatments  POA



 Fillings £ 30.00stg – £80.00stg


 Porcelain bonded crown £ 295.00stg
 All ceramic crown  £ 360.00stg
 Post and core  £ 100.00stg
 Re-cement crown  £ 30.00stg


 Porcelain Veneers (each) £ 225.00stg
 Re-cement veneer  £ 30.00stg
 EMAX veneers (each)  £ 325.00stg


 Maryland bridge £ 475.00stg
 Standard porcelain-bonded (per unit)  £ 300.00stg
 All ceramic (per unit)  £ 350.00stg
 Re-cement bridge  £ 30.00stg


 Standard extraction  £ 30.00stg – £ 80.00stg
 Wisdom tooth extraction (non-surgical)  £ 80.00stg
 Surgical extraction  £ 100.00stg
 IV sedation ( on referral)  £ 100.00stg


Perfect Clear or Clearstep ™

 Both upper and lower  £ 2000.00stg – £ 2500.00stg
 Upper or lower only  £ 1500.00stg – £ 2000.00stg
 Fixed braces (upper and lower)  £ 2000.00stg – £ 2500.00stg
 Fixed braces (upper or lower only)  £ 1500.00stg – £ 2000.00stg


Wrinkle reducing injections (using Botulinum toxin)

 One area:  £ 180.00stg
 Two areas:  £ 240.00stg
 Three areas:  £ 320.00stg
 Facial Fillers: from  £ 195.00stg
 Lips  £ 250.00stg
 Mouth to nose lines  £ 350.00stg
 Cheek augmentation  £ 400.00stg


 Standard complete dentures (i.e. upper and lower dentures)  £ 400.00stg
 Deluxe complete dentures (i.e. upper and lower dentures)  £ 600.00stg
 Acrylic partial denture (each)  £ 100.00stg – £ 225.00stg
 Cobalt chrome partial denture (each)  from  £ 450.00stg
 Valplast denture from  £ 350.00stg


 Philips Zoom! tooth whitening  £ 349.00stg
 Refill of whitening agent  £ 20.00stg




 Per 20 minute appointment  £ 30.00stg